In cooperation with film specialists we are working with modern gyro stabilized camerasytems for example cineflex/shotover. With our partner Irmin Kerck ( Aerial Perspectives) and our experienced pilots we provide a professional team and product with highest possible quality.

operating for:

  • cinematography / movies and advertisments
  • TV productions
  • visual evaluations (catastrophic floods etc..)


HUBI-FLY is offering in cooperation the service of `3D Airborne Laserscanning´. The combination of the latest sensor technology for 3D measuring and precise evaluation analysis together with electronic data processing enables the reproduction of complete 3 D models. 

  • overheadline
  • rail
  • road
  • pipeline

Permanent technical developement of services guarantees precise, secure 3D Laserscan capture of surfaces and objects.

HUBI-FLY is offering in cooperation airborne remote sensing technologies and geospatial data acquisition.
We specialize in the collection, analysis, integration, and management of both airborne multi-sensor and geospatial data and provide our clients with a diverse portfolio of state-of-the-art imaging and remote sensing technologies, backed by powerful modeling, visualization, and GIS tools.

  • IR- thermographie
  • dyalight Korona
  • HD video inspection and objekt-mapping
  • Capturing and processing geospatial data ( LiDAR-Scanning.)

Our professional transmission and distribution line inspection solutions provide clients with the essential data required to ensure the safety, integrity and reliability of their electrical transmission network, improve efficiency, potentially eliminate failures and reduce maintenance costs by detecting weak points before they impact the power line network.

Operated by Heli-Line GmbH


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