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You want to buy a helicopter:

With our American partner Austin Jet Aircraft Sales we offer a wide selection of new and used helicopters for sale. If our current inventory does not match your needs, let us know more about your requirements and we will find the perfect helicopter for you.

Our service for you:

  •           Find the perfect helicopter for your needs
  •           Support during the pre buy inspection at home, abroad and overseas
  •           Complete handling when purchasing from abroad
  •           Organisation of shipping overseas
  •           Support during the registration of helicopters


You want to sell your helicopter:

We are the perfect partner for you! We list your helicopter on the right platforms, make sale conversations up to the contract.

Our service for you:

  •      market analysis
  •      evaluation of the market price
  •      listing your helicopter in all known national and international sales platforms
  •      complete sales process until the contract is signed

These Helicopters are available for sale



2016 Bell 407GXP

S/N 54668 - 260 TT, Corporate Configured, Dual Controls, Rotor Brake, High Skids, Air Conditioner, Heater, High Visibility Main Rotor Blades, WSPS, Inlet Barrier Filter, Aux Fuel Tank, Nightscanner, Coupled 2-Axis Autopilot, XM Satellite Weather and Radio, TAS, Radar Altimeter, ADS-B Compliant.




2009 Agusta A109S Grand

S/N 22120 - 1040 TT, SPIFR, Corporate Configured, Engines on P&W ESP Program, Dual Controls, Rotor Brake, ECS, High Visibility Main Rotor Blades, Inlet Barrier Filter, Coupled 3-Axis Autopilot, Flight Director w/ AutoTrim, Weather Radar, TAS, Radar Altimeter.



1999 Bell 407

S/N 53358 - 1189 TT, Single Pilot IFR Certified, Corporate Leather Interior, Dual Controls, Rotor Brake, High Skids, Particle Separator, Air Conditioner, Heater, WSPS, 3-Axis Autopilot w/ SAS, Force Trim, 2-Tube EFIS, TCAS, Dual Audio Panels, Garmin GNS 530A GPS/NAV/COMM/GS, King KX-165 NAV/COMM, King Digital Transponder, CD Player.




2006 Bell 206B-3 JetRanger III

S/N 4607 - 1935 TT, Dual Controls, Rotor Brake, High Skids, FliteSteps, Air Conditioner, Particle Separator, Facet Oil Filter, Preflight Kit, Wedge Windows, High Visibility Main Rotor Blades, Pneumatic Door Openers, Flight Instruments, Garmin Avionics, Panel Mounted GPSMAP 396, SL 30 NAV/COMM #1, SL40 COMM #2, GTX-327 Digital Transponder, GXM 30 XM SAT Radio/Weather, PCAS Collision Avoidance System, Stereo.




in-bound helicopters

                                                           DEALS PENDING; TRADE-INS COMING & OTHER OPPORTUNITIES

                                                                                1991 Augusta A109C          Corporate, 1958 TT


   1998 Bell 412EP                 Corporate, 2658 TT


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