Commercial Pilot CPL(H)

Our students are trained under standardised european training guidelines. Our goal is to offer student pilots the highest level of flying and to turn them into responsible and competent pilots.

For informations regarding future job perspectives we are offering informational personal adivsery .


Practical flight experience prior to the course

  • PPL(H) license according ICAO
  • valid type rating
  • *155 hours as pilot on helicopters
  • 50 hours pilot-in command
  • 10 hours of cross-country
  • valid radio operator certificate

    * 105 hours as pilot on helicopters , unless he is the holder of a CPL (A ) ,
     135 hours as pilot on helicopters , unless he is the holder of a PPL (A).

Course duration

The theory course duration is estimated by 5 weeks. Including practical training it should require a minimum period of 17-18 weeks . The comlete course to obtain the license may be extended up to 18 months. The weekly online student time for the WBT must be at least 15 hours.

course syllabus

Theoretical training is provided on both, a WBT(Web Based Training) and classroom lessons. In total, 250 hours of theoretical training are covering the following subjects . 

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Flight Performance and Planning
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight Procedures
  • Aerodynamics
  • Communication

The CPLH test will be taken by the Austro Control in the form of multiple choice tests in english.

practical training

The training syllabus for the issue of a CPL( H) provides 30 hours of flight training before commencing

( NVFR - assuming NVR rating)

practical training includes:

General methods flight preparation, Basic exercises, Emergency procedures, Outfield landings, Cross-country flights, Basic exercises of instrument flights.

If you need any assistance or explenation we would be happy to inform you personally abou details and pricing.


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