Flight instructor


Minimum Age
FI(H) applicants must be at least 18 years old. A flight instructor always needs a medical certificate according to the minimum requiremets of the course.
(for example: CPL(H) instructor -> Class 1 Medical; PPL(H)-instructor -> Class 2 Medical)

Language proficiency
The FI (H) shall demonstrate a corresponding level of language proficiency. A minimum of Level 4 is required.

Experience requirements
hold at least the license and current type rating to fly the helicopter during this training as pilot-in command.

Flight times as a pilot on helicopters and PIC times
the applicant for a FI (H) has completed at least

  • 250 hours of flight time in helicopters, of which
  • at least 100 hours shall be as PIC, if the applicantholds at least
  • a CPL (H), or
  • must be flown at least 200 hours as PIC, if the applicant is at least
  • a holder of a PPL (H)
  • and meet the requirements of theoretical knowledge met for the CPL

Flight experience on typ
minimum 15 h on typ on which flight training is executed

Basic Instrument Time
minimum 10h of basic ifr training

Cross Country

minimum 20 hours as Pilot in Command on cross country flights

Pre Examination Flight
Applicants of  FI should commence a special pre examination flight in the last 6 month to prove his/her qualification .

Course Duration

The theory course duration is estimated by 9 weeks. Should the applicant can not rely on corresponding teaching experience,  the theoretical training should be the first part of the course.

Course Syllabus

The theory course duration is estimated by 5 weeks.
Training is divided in two parts:

  • 25 hours of teaching and learning
  • minimum theoretical training 100hours including einvaluation tests.

Practical Training

The minimum requirement for the practical flighttraining is 30 h 

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