Night VFR Rating


  • valid license according Part -FCL
  • total flight time 100h on helicopters after receiving PPL(H)
  • 60 h PIC on helicopters
  • 20 h crosscountry

Course Duration

Course duration is scheduled by 3 weeks and training should be commenced in a  maximum of 6 month period. The practical flight training should be scheduled in the same time period.
Due to the short duration of the course an individual time schedule is planned.
The flight instruction depends on the weather conditions. The training plan is divided in 2 phases but depending on flight weather conditions it can also take place simultaneously .

Coure Syllabus

Minimum theoretical training is 5h and should be scheduled on one day of classroom .

Practical Training Syllabus

  • Basic IFR flight maneuvers
  • flying with radionavigation aids
  • flying with radar
  • basic maneuvers and emergencies by night
  • cosscountry by night
  • solo flight

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